FreshDispatch delivery prices are based on the competitive FreshSpoke pricing model that takes into consideration the size and weight of the product, distance, estimated time and number of stops. FreshSpoke collects a percentage of this price as a transaction fee and drivers will receive the rest. Buyers pay the delivery fee.

Drivers are paid twice/month automatically through direct deposit to their preferred banking institution (banking information is submitted in the FreshDispatch web dashboard). The FreshDispatch web Dashboard displays past and pending payment information. Find out more about FreshDispatch here.

Example of driver earnings: Order accepted by FreshDispatch driver is non-refrigerated; 1 large box (24''x24''x16'') of produce, weighing 25lbs, starting in Midland ON to a wholesale buyer in Barrie ON. The FreshSpoke platform determines the route information (distance: 52km, estimated time 58 minutes) at the checkout and charges the buyer accordingly. Once FreshSpoke removes a small transaction percentage, the driver would earn approximately $23.00.