Once an applicant has been approved as a FreshDispatch Drivers they will create a driver profile in the FreshDispatch web dashboard. This profile will include individual driver preferences such as availability, preferred delivery region/range, equipment capacity, etc.; FreshDispatch drivers will be matched with available orders based on these details. Assignments, route and payment information are provided to drivers via the FreshDispatch  web dashboard and soon to be release FreshDispatch smartphone app (The FreshDispatch app will also allow drivers to scan shipments for tracking and upload proof of delivery information, instantly). Once a driver receives their route they will progress through the scheduled pickup and delivery route. Delivery charges and driver payments are based on the FreshSpoke delivery rating model, which takes into consideration number of stops, size and weight of product, distance and time.

View Attached PowerPoint on "How to Manage Orders" for FreshDispatch.

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