Products purchased on the FreshSpoke marketplace will be delivered by one of three ways: self-delivery, shared delivery, independent drivers.

  • Self-delivery refers to Producers on FreshSpoke who deliver their own orders, either with their own equipment or through existing distribution arrangements. If your are a producer who would like to do self-delivery and not participate in the FreshDispatch system check out this FAQ(link) to make sure all of the settings in your shop profile are correct and this FAQ(link) to learn about entering self-delivery pricing.

  • Shared delivery refers to Producers on the FreshSpoke system who deliver on behalf of other producers utilizing the excess capacity available on their equipment. Producers participating in shared delivery are registered FreshSpoke drivers, meeting all of FreshSpoke insurance requirements. If you are a producer hoping to sign up as a FreshSpoke driver find out more information here.

  • Independent drivers are delivery drivers independent of the FreshSpoke system, either owner-operators or shipping companies who want to earn extra income by filling their extra capacity with local food deliveries from FreshSpoke. Independent driver have also participated in the FreshDispatch application process and training session. If you are an independent driver who would like to sign up to be a FreshDispatch driver find more information here.