Are you a FreshSpoke producer who would like to continue doing your own deliveries and earn extra income by delivering for FreshDispatch? 

Firstly, you will have to opt into the FreshDispatch system in your seller profile; Find out how to do that here. By opting into the FreshDispatch system you become a part of our pricing model and will be paid for delivering your own product at the same rate as other producer's orders.

Next, you will have to apply to be a FreshDispatch driver; Check out this FAQ to find out how. Please note that in the driver application there is a place to enter your FreshSpoke shop name. By entering your shop name the FreshDispatch team will know to automatically assign all delivery orders for that shop to you to self deliver.

Note: If you are already a sellers on FreshSpoke, you will need to create a new account different from your existing one to register for a drivers account.