If upon inspection of your order you notice something is not right, you're encouraged to register a dispute using the form provided and accessible from a link on the order summary on your buyer's dashboard as shown below. 

Disputes must be registered within 1 hour of delivery and are addressed within 2 business days of receipt. In order for a dispute to be addressed promptly, buyers must provide a good explanation of the issue along with an image in the form provided. If your dispute involves more than 1 product in an order, you must complete a dispute for each product disputed.

A copy of the dispute is sent to FreshSpoke and the supplier in order to investigate if, for example, the origin of the issue is a deficient product or damage during delivery. FreshSpoke or the supplier may contact the buyer if more detail is required. If the dispute is found to be legitimate, a credit, refund or replacement is issued to the buyer and the dispute is closed.