First of all, here's what you can do: 

Once FreshSpoke is making sales in your area, the "Network Effect" should organically boost your sales. The best way for you to ensure this happens is by using FreshSpoke for all of your wholesale online ordering. When other suppliers do this as well, FreshSpoke becomes a highly profitable referral network.

Beyond that...

Buyers can search for products on FreshSpoke by using our filters. 

For example:

  • Product type: Fresh, frozen or prepared. 

  • Distance: How many kilometers the producer is from the buyer's location?

  • Fulfillment time: Within how many business days do they need the product?

  • Keywords: Certified organic, non-gmo, hormone free, etc.

As much as possible, be descriptive and use keywords when listing your products. This will allow customers to find your products by simply using a search engine as well.